Award Winning Architects in Malvern

Just like its Lapworth Architects’ counterparts which are situated throughout the West Midlands, Lapworth Architects Malvern is a guaranteed stamp of exceptional quality. Delivering first class architectural services, throughout the length and breadth of the UK and at the same time bringing its clients aspirations to reality are feature strengths of this premier company. Lapworth Architects in Malvern has won many awards and all are deserved.

Founders Mike and Alison Lapworth started the company – then known as Lapworth Partnership – in 1989. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength. By demonstrating professional standards, design creativity, and sensible business practices Lapworth Architects Malvern has amassed so many satisfied clients, all who would come back for more. Lapworth is not only an architectural company but an interior planner and designer too, with its own in-house interiors division to help clients create their dream living and working spaces.

Bringing its experience as a residential architect and as a commercial architect to bear, Lapworth provides free advice without any obligation. Every architect working for Lapworth has a minimum of 8 years work experience following qualification, a fact which makes each client feel secure in the knowledge that they are being served by experienced and skilled workmanship. Commercial and private clients benefit from all Lapworth architects’ attention to the small detail and to the overall finish in every job. All clients have expressed their happiness in every respect with this company’s service delivery, a fact which makes it the best amongst Malvern architects.

Lapworth’s understanding of the architectural intricacies of housing and of what people need in their homes has established it as very much more than proficient as a company of residential architects; and Lapworth’s knowledge of the corporate world and its spatial and architectural needs, has lent the company much admiration as a group of commercial architects. With many projects already under the company belt, including those in housing, culture, education, retail, commerce and industry, the company has demonstrated, over 22 years, that it is not afraid of a range of architectural and interior design challenges and indeed has built a reputation for high standards because of this. Adding to the list of architectural credentials, Lapworth Architects has also collaborated on grant-aided work with the English Heritage group, in particular for Birmingham City, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester councils.

Lapworth Architects has won many awards to its credit: Best 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Dwellings, Best 5 Bedroom Luxury House and Overall Winner in the Best Special Category Award are notable Birmingham Post Design Awards. In 2008 the CABE Building for Life Award went to Lapworth Architects and in 2011 the MACCA Life Time Achievement Award topped that achievement. The “Exemplar of Good Design” in By Design by CABE for Lickey Grange was an honoured accolade as were the national and regional prizes in the Green Tea Awards. Lapworth Architects has earned all these awards on its own merit but it remains a down to earth working company of architects in Malvern and other West Midlands locations. Lapworth Architects Malvern are a company on the map.

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