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As award winning architects in Nottingham we’re proud to welcome you to our website. Here you will find the Nottingham architect you need to turn your dream build into a reality.

As established Nottingham architects we’re proud to promote over a decade of delivering our award winning residential architects and commercial architects to projects big and small across Nottingham.

Here at Lapworth Nottingham architects we have over a century’s worth of combined knowledge and we combine our expertise to deliver an unparalleled service to your budding build.

In 1989 we were founded by Mike and Alison Lapworth, originally known as the Lapworth partnership our team of Leicester architects grew considerably and now our architects in Leicester offer dream designs that win awards again and again.

Amongst the many awards we’ve been presented are the National and Regional Awards from Green Tree along with the CABE building for life. Our buildings and designs all follow our philosophy of sustainability whilst never compromising on luxury.

However you picture your dream home or outlet to be, our Leicester Architects can make it happen, listening intently to your every wish we will translate your desires onto paper.

Each Nottingham Architect that forms part of our team has extensive experience within the industry, having no less than eight years post graduate training, we will deliver an unmatched service that promises to outshine any Leicester architect.

We have offices across the whole of the West Midlands and each one not only provides a residential architect or commercial architect in close proximity to your build, but also houses an integral planning division alongside a specialized interiors department. This ensures that if required our Lapworth Architects in Nottingham can provide you with a comprehensive service that begins with the paperwork and ends with the welcome mat at the foot of your new front door.

Your initial consultation with a residential architect or commercial architect is offered completely free at a time to suit you with no obligation whatsoever.

Our Nottingham architects can visit you onsite or you can pop by to see our architects in Nottingham at our office where a warm welcome awaits you.

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