Award Winning Architects in Rugby
Lapworth Architects, Rugby is no stranger to accolade. This award winning company is part of the Lapworth Architects network which has offices at strategic points over the West Midlands. It delivers premier services in architectural design whilst staying faithful to its clients’ ideals.

Many consider Lapworth Architects to be the best architects in Rugby; and as Lapworth’s covers the entire UK, many more think that Lapworth Architects are the best in the nation. Mike and Alison Lapworth started the Lapworth Partnership in 1989, which has, from that moment, developed into a passionate and dedicated company of architects that exemplifies its profession’s principles for cutting edge design and sound business.

Lapworth’s is more than an architect, having an in-house interiors’ division which applies the same high standards to the company’s interior design services.

Lapworth Architects offers clear benefits to clients; free advice and consultations with no obligation and all architects have 8 years or more work experience following qualification.

This gives clients peace of mind on all counts and reassurance that this experienced residential architect and commercial architect has the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil the job. All Lapworth architects give complete attention to the client’s overall objective and to the small detail resulting in many satisfied clients and an increasing reputation as the best of Rugby architects.

Lapworth’s is considered to be amongst the top residential architects for its experience and knowledge of the domestic housing sector and amongst the highest ranking commercial architects for its innovative and groundbreaking work on corporate needs. Lapworth Architects Rugby have a portfolio of projects second to none. Its cross cutting skills base comes from experience in housing, culture, education, retail, commerce and industry. There are few companies that can boast this variety and range of work experience. Moreover, the grant-aided work on conservation properties for City Councils across the Midlands and in collaboration with English Heritage brilliantly depicts the high performance of such a multi talented company.

The awards won by Lapworth Architects Rugby probably speak the loudest about the company’s capabilities. National and regional prizes in the Green Tea Awards reveal the company’s dedication to the profession. The Birmingham Post Design Awards for Best 2,3 and 4 Bedroom Dwellings, Best 5 Bedroom Luxury House, and Overall Winner in the Best Special Category display Lapworth Architects’ design skills that are relevant to ordinary people. The “Exemplar of Good Design” in By Design by CABE for Lickey Grange is a distinguished plaudit for any architectural practitioner whilst the 2008 CABE Building for Life Award and the 2011 MACCA Life Time Achievement Award are the most recent flourishes to over 3 decades of excellence in architecture. Lapworth Architects, Rugby are indeed a cut above the average architect and as such stand out amongst all architects in Rugby.

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