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outbuilding permitted development

Can I build an outbuilding under permitted development?

Flexible accommodation is all the rage, with homeowners in the West Midlands wanting outbuildings in their garden – but there are strict rules on this – get clarity on what you can do. I want to build an outbuilding under permitted development rules – can I just start my build?

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planning permission extended 2021

Current Planning Permission Extended to 2021

Thanks to the pandemic and the consequent freezing of the construction section, the government has taken steps to extend any current planning permission to 2021.  Planning Permission Deadline Extended to 2021 The government has recently announced that any projects with planning permission that expires before the end of 2020 will

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architectural must have features

Architectural Must Have Features

As people’s expectations change over time, architects must shift their focus to meet demand when they are designing new housing. As priorities come and go, we’ve noticed a few things that seem to be the rising trends of the moment, so we’ve decided to share our observations with you. Here’s

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Environmentally friendly architecture

As concerns grow around the issue of climate change, people are becoming more and more aware of the need for environmentally friendly architecture.  There is a greater consideration of the impact of its actions and consumers expect this to be taken into account in every aspect of modern life.  In

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Increasing natural light in your home

Now we’re home a bit more than we used to be, it’s worth considering how we can design and arrange our living spaces, so increasing natural light and improving our physical and mental well-being…  When we’re asked to build extensions for out clients, high up on the list are large

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45 degree code

The 45-degree code – what it means for you

Planning an extension? Or worrying about your neighbours? Our quick guide to the 45-degree code can help smooth any issues out and keep your neighbours on side.  What is the 45-degree code? The 45° Code is a measure used around the West Midlands by most councils (including Birmingham City Council)

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listed building consent

Ideas sought on Great Barr Hall’s future

‘Anything is possible’ when it comes to the future of Great Barr Hall, according to the architects employed to breathe new life into the crumbing building. Lapworth Architects, which has been involved in restoring prestigious sites including Hagley Hall and Croome Court in Worcestershire, is looking at a range of options

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A Guide to Planning Appeals

Planning appeals won’t always be accepted straight away they may be refused if this happens the team here at Lapworth Architects can help, read on for more info

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