We were engaged by Lidl to design a new store on the site of a former car dealership on Kings Road in Sutton Coldfield. The previous buildings blended well into the existing street, but renovating them and providing access for for supermarket parking (featuring a new priority access) was entirely unfeasible. 

Lidl had previously submitted a planning application for their standard store but had not been able to achieve consent, so with our knowledge of the local planning authority and our previous experience with Lidl, Lapworth Architects designed the scheme to be more modest and appropriate in terms of streetscape, and more sustainable as a mixed-use development. 

lidl sutton
Lidl, Kings Road, Sutton Coldfield

Given its location on a busy arterial road in an urban context, we took the standard Lidl store and redesigned the principal elevation to the main road to help the store sit better within the immediate surrounding. The main frontage onto Kings Road was designed to maintain the rhythm of the street, with a series of gables fronting Kings Road and a mixture of hip and gable ends, following the pattern found elsewhere in the street.

The rest of the store remained largely as the standard specification, and materials more in keeping with the local area – such as render and brickwork – were selected to further integrate the building into its surroundings. The low line of the building and its discreet profile made it entirely suitable for this commercial suburban setting.