Environmentally Friendly Architecture

As concerns grow around the issue of climate change, people are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of their actions and consumers expect this to be taken into account in every aspect of modern life. In the UK, 43% of our total emissions come from domestic properties, which means that improvements in this area can make a real difference to our national carbon footprint.
Here at Lapworth Architects we are proud to have been granted the ‘Building for Life’ award in recognition of our continued efforts to reduce any negative environmental impact that our buildings might have.
What is Building for Life?
Building for Life is an industry wide standard implemented by the Government to encourage designers, developers and local communities to create well designed buildings and neighbourhoods. In order to qualify for our award we were required to meet a number of strict criteria regarding our architectural plans.
We believe that everyone can play a part in protecting the environment and are proud to go the extra mile to help create greener communities across the country. By incorporating renewable energy sources into our ultra-modern designs, we hope to play a part in building a truly sustainable future for generations to come.
Our architects apply this philosophy to all of the work they carry out, from housing to shops and the industrial sector. To find out more about our architects in Warwick, Shrewsbury, Birmingham and across the Midlands region, call us on 01743 491479 or fill our online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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