Pritzker Prize 2013 Winner Announced

The latest winner of architecture’s equivalent of the Nobel prize was unveiled recently as Toyo Ito. The 71 year old is the sixth Japanese architect to be awarded the prestigious award since it was launched in 1979.


The Pritzker Prize was established by late entrepreneur Jay Pritzker and his wife, who were involved in the development of hotels around the world and felt that it was unfair that architecture should be overlooked in the Nobel prize categories.


Toyo Ito is a renowned perfectionist who admitted in his acceptance speech that he is never fully satisfied with his own work. Rather than allowing this feeling of inadequacy to bring him down, Ito uses it to fuel his enthusiasm for making each new project bigger and better than the one before it.


The resulting buildings are widely recognised in Japan and beyond for the improvements they have made to the quality of public and private spaces. Ito’s creations make strong use of negative space in their complex weaving designs. The results have a recurring signature but each one is distinct from the last.


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