What does a conservation architect do?

A conservation architect’s job is to safeguard examples and aspects of historical architecture to make sure that they are not lost thanks to poor-quality rebuilds or development. Thanks to its industrial wealth, Birmingham and the West Midlands have some of the finest examples of 18th- and 19th-century architecture in the country, and preserving this heritage has been key to our success since the outset in 1989. 

We’ve often worked in areas like Edgbaston and Harborne, where the architecture tends to date from the late 18th and the whole of the 19th centuries, and so we’ve accumulated expertise on the differing styles and uses of historical buildings across the region. Our refurbishment designs pay close attention to the strict requirements of these kinds of projects, and we create designs and homes that respect and complement these fantastic stylistic details and trends.

leamington spa architects
Regent's Green, Leamington Spa
Courtyard Gardens, Haseley Manor

Listed buildings and green belt developments are particularly tricky to design and plan, given that the local authority places an absolute premium on preserving period styles in architectural projects. In addition, they expect concepts like ‘openness’ to be followed when developing the green belt. These stringent guidelines also often involve neighbours and the local community. 

As such, a conservation architect’s job is to balance the expectations of the council and the community, respect the existing buildings and surroundings – and give you, the client, exactly what you want! Knowledge and experience are absolutely required for these projects, and we’re lucky enough to have it in spades. 

grade ii listed
Evenlode House
conservation listed building
Haseley Manor

What kind of conservation projects have you done?

Our skill is knowing what the council’s conservation officer wants to see when an application for a listed building is put before them. This is what you’re paying for when you hire us with our full architect’s service.

From refurbishing listed manor houses to infill developments in AONBs, extensions in conservation areas and complex building alterations – we have dedicated experts that work closely with English Heritage and conservation teams in council planning departments.

In addition to our conservation and listed building work, we’ve done lots of projects in the West Midlands green belt. Schemes like the Roundelay collection near close to Stratford upon Avon are proof of our sensitivity in designing homes in collaboration with the local council and addressing residents’ concerns about increased traffic, loss of ‘openness’, or architectural merit.

In addition to our broad range of design projects, we have plenty of experience in the varying stages and requirements architecture and planning projects have. The majority of our clients come to us for full architecture and planning services, or we can advise you at different stages, depending on what resources you already have under your belt.

Why Lapworth Architects?

Our reputation as conservation architects at Lapworth is second-to-none, and hinges on our technical knowledge, planning expertise and client service. Our reviews on Google and Houzz and repeat clients are proof of how good we are at our job – and our conservation work on listed buildings is placed front-and-centre.

We have also worked on numerous occasions with Calthorpe Estates, one of the city’s premier property development companies covering the conservation areas of Edgbaston and Harborne on dozens of conversions, refurbishments and new-builds. 

Beyond our work with Calthorpe Estates, we have drawn up proposals for redeveloping heritage assets like Great Barr Hall, designed elegant homes in the Warwickshire green belt, renovated manor houses for contemporary residents and refurbished Michelin-starred restaurants in the suburbs of Birmingham.

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Norfolk Road, Edgbaston
our projects
Simpsons Restaurant

Embarking on a project like this is daunting, especially if you’re a homeowner, and this is where our services can help you. Our decade-long experience in specialising in these types of projects means that our work is carefully designed, considerately planned and precisely executed – any other way just involves unnecessary headaches.

Come to Lapworth Architects with your conservation or listed building project, and see how we can help you move forward and maintain our fantastic architectural heritage! You can drop us a line in the form below, speak to us on our live chat or call us on 0121 455 0032. Let’s get started on your project!