Does your project need a Swept Path Analysis?

Many new developments need to provide visual data on their applications to ensure road access and safety for pedestrians. Get your swept path analysis fast – for a great price!

Lapworth Architects provides homeowners, transport planners , developers and urban designers with swept path analysis (SPA) for their projects in Birmingham and the West Midlands using our AutoCAD expertise for up-to-date visual data to accompany planning applications for homes and small developments.

We can save you time and money by providing cost-effective and accurate simulations of specific vehicles accessing your site or development, helping you gain the planning consent to push your project forward – from just £120 + VAT.

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Vehicle swept path analysis

What can I use a swept path analysis for?

A swept path analysis is often required to make sure that there is sufficient access for vehicles and safety for pedestrians and workers on developments in both the country and in towns. Some of the main uses of an SPA include: 

  • Ensuring safe access to residential developments for car users and service or emergency vehicles to meet Highways Development Control requirements
  • Maximising available land for development with accurate planning and data 
  • Setting out vehicle paths for service and delivery areas in retail or commercial projects
  • Displaying correct entry and exit paths from proposed or relocated parking spaces
  • Designing new access and junctions to existing roads to ensure they are safe and visible to all users
  • Creating specific non-standard vehicles such as abnormal loads from vehicle data to check swept paths.
swept path analysis

Get the most from your land

Ensure visibility and safety

Guarantee service access

swept path analysis

What projects need a swept path analysis?

Many new developments repurpose old buildings or tight location in town centres or heavily trafficked roads. This means that, increasingly,  local councils needing to be satisfied that the vehicles that will have access to the site can drive in and out safely.

We can help you get ahead of the curve by providing you with this information early on can help you maximise your design to build the greatest area possible while reassuring the council that cars and trucks can arrive on site with no issues. 

If you’re considering a residential development, you’ll probably need specific data to ensure that the refuse or emergency vehicles used by your local council can access and exit your site in forward gear to ensure you get planning permission. They’re also used to make sure that the parking provision is fit for purpose and easily accessible – if you don’t have this data, the planning department are likely to refuse your application. 

Don’t run the risk of refusal! At Lapworth Architects, we combine our years of experience in the West Midlands with the latest simulation technology to provide you with a swept path analysis and other traffic-based data to help you win the planning permission you need – with a quick turnaround and great value for money. Our basic swept path analysis start from £120 +VAT and can be turned around the same day if needed. Want to find out more? Drop us a message in the form below, or give us a call on 0121 455 0032. Let’s get your project started!

Why Lapworth Architects?


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