The existing building is a Statutory Listed Grade II property and still stands in part of the original plot as first built in the early 1860’s. Originally the property was known as Southfields and it sat within a much larger plot. In 1973/74 the house was been sold to Bryant’s to be demolished and redeveloped as part of the wider area of redevelopment to the north, east and south.

Calthorpe Estates recognised the buildings quality bought the property off Bryant’s, albeit with a reduced plot, and refurbished the building in the mid 1970’s and converted it to office use. IT was used as the Estate Office until it was sold to Crosby Homes in the late 1990’s.

Crosby has used the building for their offices since then, but this application seeks to return the property to a single family dwelling. We have been engaged by our client to design a new family space to include kitchen and breakfast room, family room and utility space in this grade II property We have also been engaged to design a leisure facility within the former walled garden area and at basement level.