design consideration bearing in mind some of the restrictions that will apply because the building is statutory listed Grade II. The building design will at least comply with Part M of the Building Regulations which covers specific requirements for Disabled Access provisions.

10.3 Our clients brief is for us to design a high quality Contemporary building to respond to the setting of the existing site, the setting of the site and the overall context of the local area. The new building would replace an existing building erected in the 1920’s on the extended site of the original house service buildings as described earlier in this statement. The existing 1920’s extension has no architectural value and does not enhance the listed building to which it is attached or indeed the setting of the group of listed buildings. The new design we believe would successfully replace the structurally unsound existing building with a new high quality extension which would respond well to each of its completely different adjacent spaces and conditions and provide a suitable termination point to the existing Regency Crescent,

My practice has been commissioned by Mr & Mrs Ian Dove to prepare a design to demolish an undistinguished existing 1920’s extension and replace it with a new contemporary designed extension on the same location.