Solihull Planning Permission Advice – from the experts

With 25+ years’ experience working in Solihull, Lapworth Architects are your best bet for getting the permissions needed for your project – from elegant extensions to impressive new build homes. 

Solihull Planning Permission experts

Getting planning permission for your project in Solihull is no mean feat, but Lapworth Architects have covered the area for over 20 years, and we’ve got dozens of projects with our name on all around the area. 

Our clients come to us wanting to extend their current home or develop a plot they have in conservation areas such as Berkswell, Meriden Green, Olton and Warwick Road – all areas where we have plenty of experience in building fantastic houses our clients can be proud of. 

The combination of experience working with Solihull Council and good connections means that Lapworth can handle your planning process deftly and smoothly, moving your project along with a minimum of fuss.

Lapworth Architects have over twenty years' experience with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's planning department and, in addition to architectural drawings, we can help you with pre-application advice, lawful development certificates, full planning permission, enforcement and planning appeals and professional consultant certificates.

Michael Kalam, Managing Director

Do you need full planning permission?

Depending on the scale of your project, you might not need to make a a full planning application to Solihull Council. Take a look at our guide to Permitted Development Rights to see if they apply to your project. If so, then you’ll need a Lawful Development Certificate rather than full planning permission – which we can also help you with.

If your project involves creating of a new dwelling (whether that’s building one from scratch or subdividing an existing home), then full planning permission is normally required. Similarly, larger outbuildings or extensions, builds or improvements involving listed buildings or in conservation areas are also likely to need a full planning permission application to Solihull Council.

Should I consider pre-application advice?

Depending on the project, it may be sensible to ask Solihull council for pre-application advice to help smooth the application process. This will also give you an idea of what the planning department might consider acceptable or what conditions they might attach to the planning permission to ensure it meets their guidelines. We’d recommend discussing with your architect whether you they think it’s necessary as they will have experience in what the council does and doesn’t like. 

This project near Widney Manor is a great example of how to get the council on side. Our client took our advice to get pre-planning advice from Solihull MBC to demolish an outdated house on a private road.
They advised us of certain conditions that would likely apply, and our designers came up with a home and met the council's conditions, the client's desires, and even pushed the boundaries a little. The result? A very handsome family home in one of the most desirable parts of Solihull.

Michael Kalam, Managing Director
solihull planning permission

What factors are important for a planning application?

‘Material considerations’ are the most important factors when it comes to Solihull Council evaluating your proposal, as they cover the tangible effect your development will have on the surroundings (as opposed to issues such as house prices being affected, for example), and include:

  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Parking
  • Highway safety
  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Impact on listed building or a conservation area
  • Layout and density of building
  • Design, appearance and materials
    • Government policy
    • Disabled access
    • Proposals in the development plan
    • Previous planning decisions
    • Nature conservation

    Although your new neighbours may object to the new development, the council will only look at the material considerations of your build, but we’d recommend you try and keep them involved and reassure them how little they’ll be affected by the build, as it can avoid issues further down the line.

    This was key to getting planning permission for the project featured below, and you can read more about how we balanced the client’s needs with the neighbours’ objections in our feature blog post.

    How long does it take to get planning permission in Solihull?

    After your application is validated (usually between three and five working days), you will probably find out whether Solihull council have approved it after eight weeks — although more complex schemes can necessarily take longer thanks to lots of different factors – we always proactively engage with the council to get the best possible outcome for out clients. 

    Discussion with the council is really important, and they can give you clues as to whether your project is likely to be approved or not – in the latter case, you can withdraw your application, redesign, and resubmit – and Lapworth Architects can help you manage the application if necessary.

    Remember that getting your planning permission doesn’t automatically mean that you can start work straightaway. As was the case with the project on the right, there may well be conditions on the consent such as replanting trees or using certain materials or construction methods. 

    Solihull council is keen on maintaining the town’s green character and prioritises sustainable, high-quality residential architecture to ensure it remains one of the best places to live in the West Midlands, and we’re committed to making sure it stays this way. 

    Protecting the neighbours in Aldridge

    There’s no guarantees with planning permission applications, but with the right consultants and knowledge, you can give your project the best chance at getting planning permission in Solihull. Come and speak to us at Lapworth Architects – call us on 01564 718010, drop us a message below or talk to us on our live chat! 

    Why Lapworth Architects?


    Our 20+ years of work mean great design and good relationships with planning departments across the region, giving  our projects the best chance to get planning permission and start building.


    Your budget is tailored to your needs so you’re always on top of your costs. We’re proud to offer excellent value for money for our services, from design and planning right through to build.


    Our breadth of knowledge makes us an efficient and sustainable choice of local architect, and we have a vested interest in improving our built environment right here in the West Midlands.


    Wherever you are with your project, if you’re looking for honest, quality advice from professionals, chat to us, leave us a message or call us on the number at the top of the page. Let’s talk!