Looking for inspiration?

Of course, we include our own in our top architecture blogs, but we’re going for practical guides to help clients find out more about what they can build and why they should work with us. These are our top blogs for inspiration and keeping on top of industry news. Recommendations always welcome!

This studiedly modern London practice offers streamlined, minimalist projects and an authoritative, well-written blog covering aspects of London architecture, as well as how-to guides to designing unique features (wine cellar, anyone?) for clients’ homes. In addition to these, they detail their own particular approach to creating sleek modern extensions to townhouses and suburban homes in the capital. 

More bible than blog, AIA Fellow Bob Borson writes on all kinds of architecture topics, from book reviews to offering advice to people starting out on their architecture career. He also talks his readers through his own design and renovation work through his podcast, and holds frequent interviews with the movers and shakers across the pond – a legend! 

Led by Eric Reinholdt from his studio in Maine, 30X40’s Shaker-style design solutions showcase his minimalist approach to architecture, taking his cues from his beautiful surroundings in the Northeast of the US. Beyond his designs, he’s got dozens of tutorials aimed at improving your practice, as well no-bullshit discussions on what architects really need to succeed in their industry.

Closer to home, the BAA work on sharing knowledge and pooling resources for architecture and planning professionals working in England’s second city. 

They’re great for contacts and networking, and share industry news to building sector workers around the West Midlands through their beautifully designer website. 

This impressive architecture firm lives and dies by its core values of placemaking for the community, and is one of the RIBA’s Role Model practices. 

Their talent for high-quality designs and masterplanning can be seen in their various residential, social and religious projects around the south of England.

These are some more local boys, working on modern residential, historical restoration and contemporary mixed-use projects around Birmingham. All their projects make the effort to stand out from their surroundings while complementing them, with some really impressive design solutions for the city’s industrial heritage.

Naturally, we’re going to include ourselves on here! 

Lapworth Architects has always worked to stand out for our expertise and service – and we’re working on making our blog a reference point for architecture and planning for our clients in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

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